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Francine Lecoultre is a costume designer and textile artist known for her outstanding work in a variety of productions, from small independent projects to the biggest Hollywood blockbusters. She has created costumes and special textiles for movies, television ads and theatrical productions around the world.

Born in Switzerland, Lecoultre graduated in Art Education at the University of Bern, and received her diploma in Costume Design from the Advanced Program of the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles.

Lecoultre has designed costumes for many movies, including realistic costumes for the road movie A Slipping Down Life, starring Guy Pearce and Lili Taylor. Her sleek and polished designs were praised in the film Shattered Image, directed by Raul Ruiz. One of Lecoultre’s more unique projects was for a popular Carl’s Jr. TV commercial that featured a turkey burger-patterned bikini and pleated dress worn by Gizem Memic, who had recently been crowned Miss Turkey. The design of these costumes and specialty fabrics were key to the storytelling.

When Lecoultre designed the costumes for Illusions, which is a musical circus in Shanghai, China, she was tasked with creating 200 costumes for 60 international performers, including a group of contortionists from Mongolia. She created tattoo-like patterns on bodysuits for both the “elves” and “warriors.”

In 2002, Lecoultre was commissioned to design 1,200 fantastical costumes for the opening ceremony of EXPO.02, The National Swiss Exhibition. In 2004, she designed 250 Egyptian costumes for the musical The Ten Commandments for the opening of the Kodak Theater in Los Angeles. Lecoultre also designed the costumes for the musical circus Elements, for the opening ceremony of the Performing Center for the Arts in Shenzhen, China.

With a love for art and design, Lecoultre has created unique, specialized textiles for major feature films such as The Mummy – Tomb of the Dragon Emperor, Enchanted, The Cell, Star Trek: Insurrection and Batman and Robin. Her latest projects include special textile creations for The Fast and the Furious and somptuous Egyptian patterns for Night at the Museum, the Secret of the Tomb. She also created fabrics for the space suit worn by Chris Pratt in the movie Passengers.

An impressive artist, Lecoultre has received many awards including a Costume Designers Guild Award nomination for Excellence in Costume Design for TV Commercials for the Carl’s Jr – Miss Turkey campaign, and “The Lester Horton Dance Award” for Outstanding Achievement in Costume Design for her work on The Nutcracker.

Her versatile talents and skillful technique enable her to seamlessly incorporate numerous aspects of the visual and technical elements into cohesive design. Francine recently worked on grand scale 3D multimedia Events, which adds interactivity to the theatrical experience. She brings an impressive array of design and creative expertise to the table, combining her passion for innovation and cutting-edge technology with research and history.